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How To Make Money Online By shrinking/Shortening Any Link And Get Paid

How To Make Money Online By shrinking/Shortening Any Link And Get Paid


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Published on Saturday 23rd March 2019
Last Updated Thursday 26th March 2020

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How to make money shrinking and shortening link

If you are looking for an easy, yet reliable way to make money online from the comfort of your home, then you are just in the right place.

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This method has been around for some time but people are not quite aware of this. It is my number one on the list because let me be frank with you, you can continue to make money with this even while you are sleeping, yes doing nothing

What is it about?

A link shortening website is a website application that turns a long website link into short one.

Tools needed

(1) Laptop/Mobile phone

(2) Internet connection


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Let me give you an example:

Check out this website: www.onlinemoneyfact.blogspot.com, you can say this is a long link, so when you enter this website link into the link shortening website, it tends to make it very short and can convert it to something like this: linkshrink.net/7nA1lv which you will agree will me is quite shorter compared to the previous one.

Now, I am sure you must have been wondering, “how can you make money from this?” Continue reading.

How it works, follow this procedure below step wisely and you will not have problem.


First you need a blog or website of your own to make this work. I can remember saying that you can make money with this method even without spending a dime, yes!



To get a website may attract some money, for example you need to buy domain name and subscribe to a hosting, hmmm, just put your mind at rest because, I still have you covered.

There is a way you can create a free website/blog of your own free of charge. Just go on to www.blogger.com and get a free blog. It is very important that you select a very good niche that attracts much visitors.

From my personal research over the years, I have been able to come out with the following list of niche that attracts much visitors.

 (1) Health blogs (especially fitness – how to lose weight)

 (2) Job vacancies and scholarship blogs

 (3) How to make money online blogs.

 (4) Food recipe

 (5) Entertainment blog

 (6) Educational information


It is also very important that you select a niche that interests you and have much understanding of. Another cogent thing is selecting a good or attracting domain name for your website/blog.

For example:

If you are to come up with a good domain name on health, you may decide to use cogent terms pertaining to what your blog is about e.g “healthtips.com” or “keepfit.com”.

You must ensure that your website domain name is not too long because, sincerely, nobody will have time to be entering something like this: “keepfitwiththistipstoday.com” that’s kind of long!

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Just follow the post to detail.


I am sure by now, you now have a blog of your own, if not, please do as these step is very essential to the next steps.

The next thing is to register on the link shortening websites.

There are so many shortening link websites out there that promises heaven and earth but at the end of the day they will refuse to do their side of the deal, one of the tricks they tend to use is that after you have work for them and it is time to be paid, then they blacklist you. How do I know this? Because I have been a victim of their cunning acts. I will be sharing with you, four websites that actually pays well which I have tested myself and I am still using:

Here are the websites

First website

Second website

Third website

Fourth website



By now you must have registered on those websites above, if no, please go back and do so.

Next thing is that you will have to update you blog with at least 8 to 10 good posts to start earning from it. You have to have good post that can easily attracts visitors to your blog.

Hmmm, at this junction, some of us may be discouraged as we are not good writers, there is a way I will also teach you to bypass this and still make your money.

So for those of you that is good in writing, it is an added advantage for you but let me be frank with you, even if you have a very good post and you don’t have much visitors to your blog, you will not be making up to what you are supposed to be making daily...permit me to even say hour. You stand a chance of making $3 - $10 for every 1000 visitors that visits your link, Imaging having 50000 visitors, for just a single shrinking website, now do the math for four websites.

The payment is sometimes even more than that for example when your visitors are from US, UK or UAE, you earn as high as $15 for just 1000 visitors, that is interesting right?

Now I will teach you how to generate traffic to your blog without stress.

Many people just use the social media daily without knowing that for every single click they make, they are generating money for a set of people (you will soon be part of them), social media is an important tool that I will introduce to you to generate traffic to your blog below.

Use any or all of these steps

Create a Facebook page and attract good members to your page to click your links

(1) Search for keywords that is unique to your niche

(2) Make sure you do not spam your page with unnecessary information as this can be very annoying and can easily discourage your fans.

(3) Make sure you always update your post to with pictures that captivates your fans

(4) Post the shrinked link

(5) Join 5-10 groups on Facebook with not less than 50k-100k members.

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How to do this without a website or blog of your own?

It is very simple! What do you actually need the blog of website for in the first place? It is to share your shortened links right? You can as well follow the 6 steps outlined above to share your links on social medias and you will still be paid as much as when you will set up a blog.

Now, let me quickly do a simple analysis of all you have just done for you., Let me assume you join 10 Facebook page with 70k members each, and just as little as 4%(just assuming) click your link, that will be 2800 visitors from 1 group, now 2800 x 10 if I am write is 28000 visitors! For just a single link, shared on a single social platform, now imagine, joining twitter, etc. hmmm...

Before I forget, you may even have countless shrinked link embedded inside a single post on your blog that people will like to click, that is another view for you!

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Added tips:- It is not only your blog post that you can shrink and generate money from, you can shrink and share posts of popular websites or blogs that you know can attract visitors.


You must have been curious how this shrinking websites generate their own income? Now here is how:

The major work of these link shortening websites is that they help companies to advertise their products. So when you create a blog post and you use the website to shrink the link, you share this links on social platforms, when the visitor clicks the link, an advert will be shown to the visitor and when the visitor reloads the page, it is then that the blog post will now be visible to the visitor.

You will now see that the link shortening websites has advertise a product through your blog and that is why you must be paid for that.


    Are you still doubting me? This is just ONE of the WAYS THAT I USE TO GENERATE MONEY every second into my account. Why am I sharing this to you? Sincerely, not because I have more than enough but because know what it means to be financially down, I have been there.

If you do not understand any of this procedures, please free to comment below.

In the next post I will be sharing the second method that I use to generate money online.

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Happy shrinking!

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