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How to make at least 20 dollars daily transcribing

How to make at least 20 dollars daily transcribing


By Admin

Published on Saturday 23rd March 2019
Last Updated Monday 23rd March 2020

Topic: How to make at least 20 dollars daily transcribing comment by jesutofunmi at 23-03-2019 01:14

Are you looking for a flexible job that can pay you at LEAST $20 a day with little or no experience? Then you are in the right place because I am going to show you how you can earn a living by just sitting down at home with your PC and transcribing.

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This job gives you the freedom to work whenever you like as nobody will compel you to always work. In essence, the more you can work, the more you earn.

What are transcribing websites?

These are websites that pay you to transcribe either audio or video files.

How does this work?

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Tools needed

(1) Laptop

(2) Headset or good ear piece

(3) Internet connection

(4) Good ear

This is one of the ways some people has been using to make money for a while now, but they love to keep it as a secret. Some will rather have it not made public because they believe when more people are on this platform, it will be very difficult to continue to live on it. It is absolutely wrong. And there are a set of people (which I think I belong) that are pretty much busy to come online and write something on it.

Today I will be sharing two websites that actually pays you cool cash to transcribe files for them. I actually use one presently which is QA-world due to my job schedule, the second one is actually used by some of my close pals and they claim it actually pays them.

The first website is which I currently use is QA-world, it is the bomb, they pay out every Thursday no matter how much you have with them. They do not require you to have a certain amount in your account before you can be paid.

Required steps

  1. Just signup via www.qa-world.com
  2. Take their test – they give you a short audio to transcribe and when you pass the quiz you will be signed in into the scheme
  3. Upload your payment details (paypal account)
  4. Join their slack platform – this is a community comprising of transcribers and admins that work at QA-world. The admins are on ground to put you through any issue you might have during transcription process.
  5. Request for payment when you want
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What are you transcribing?

Now, let me break this down for you. Whenever you call customer cares of companies such as MTN, either you like it not, your calls are being recorded either for future reference or quality control purposes. This conversation between a customer and company representatives is what you will be transcribing. You see its quite simple and very easy. So that is actually why I stated that you will need a good headset or ear piece. Of course you can try this out on your Mobile phone but it will be as easy as using your computer to work because there are some shortcut keys you might want to use that is not actually on the keypad of your mobile phone.


How much does Qa-world pay?

They pay as high $0.4 for transcribe just a minute audio clip, so you can calculate how much make if you can transcribe an hour long audio clip? What if you make it a full time job? Make use of this opportunity and work right inside your room.

The second website is TranscribeMe, like I stated earlier, I don’t use this platform presently (due to the fact that there is always something to transcribe on Qa-world) but my friends that use it has proved that it actually pays.

So that will be all on transcribing, this might look pretty too easy to be true to you, but trust me, this is one of the method I have been using to generate money.

How to get your account approved easily on Q-World

Getting your new account approved can be an almost impossible task on Q-word - I will show you a simple method to get your account approved within few minutes.

Here is the trick :

Whenever you register on QA world, you will be sent a link in your email prompting you to write a test. Click the link and listen carefully to the audio file.

I will be sharing one of the tests that i have transcribed myself and given to people. It works 100%.

You might be wondering that what if the clip that you were given is different from the one i am about to share?

Don't panic, there is a way around that obstacle. Here is what you need to do.

Click the link in your mailbox that leads to the test. listen to the audio first. If it is the same with the one I am about to share then copy and paste it into the textbox

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If it is not

Just go back to your mail box and reclick the link, it will definitely change the audio click to another one.

Do this until you find an audio file and is the same with the one i will share below.

Here is the clip

"Hi Jeremy, I want to call back. Glad we could connect more than anything. I want to make sure we find time on the calendar for short demo. I think if you and the other stakeholders see the product in action, they'll be able to understand why we're able to make such grandiose statements. If we're not able to improve the efficiency of your sales force at least 10% in the first month. We have a full money-back guarantee."


Then click the submit button. Boom ! you have been accepted into the scheme.

I have taught this for free, dont be stingy, Like and share this post. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive more update from Tradelify.


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Happy Transcribing

Tradelify cares!


Topic: How to make at least 20 dollars daily transcribing comment by Kayusdguy at 01-07-2019 07:40
Hello. Thank you for sharing this. Although, it was not easy at first, but now I'm earning reasonably. Last week, I earned $40. I also tried messaging you on Whatsapp, but it is not going.


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