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seven(7) magical ways to keep your customers coming back

seven(7) magical ways to keep your customers coming back


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Published on Wednesday 26th December 2018
Last Updated Thursday 26th March 2020

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Most businesses today focus mainly on how to get new customers; they neglect the fact that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

Your old customers have the affinity to grow and mar your business, if they are happy with the product or service that you offered them, they will definitely come back for more and when it is otherwise, they will not only refuse to come back, they will make sure they tell their friends how poor the service or product is. So you now see how important it is to get them coming back.

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Today I will be sharing some of the tips that will not only help you to keep your customers coming back but how to attract new ones as well.

Tip to get your customers coming back

  1. Give room for review

It will be so good to know how your customers feel about your product, do not intimidate them into compulsorily giving you good reviews you might even decide to make the customers anonymous, this will let the customers express themselves well. Check these reviews, know what you are doing right or wrong and most importantly you should Know what they actually want you to offer them.

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2. Always stay in touch

You should always stay in touch with your customers. You should ask from them if they are happy about your service or product. People love to be remembered. Make them feel so important. Trust me, if you can do this, they will be so happy with you and will always keep coming back to your store. Always remember that your communication should be meaningful and have a purpose.


3. Surprise them

Who does not love surprises? When someone does something beyond expectation for us, we are always delighted and amazed with such people, we feel special. You must learn to surprise your customers in any form even when they bought little from you. You may decide to buy them little present on their birthday. Remember it’s not really how big the gift is; it is the heart with which you gave that matters most.


4. Have the right people in your customer relation

You cannot be having abusive people at your reception and keeping thinking people will want to come back to patronize your business, no! you must employ relevant and skilled people (if you can’t handle it yourself) to relate with your customers. You should know that first impression lingers longer. Friendly, effective and proactive relation will definitely keep your customers coming back


5. Make it easier for customers to reach you

Can you imagine how painful it could be when customers buy product from you but they could not test the product at your store, when they got home, they were not able to operate it. These can be very frustrating to the customers. If you have a good means where they can contact you, it will be easier to explain to them via telephone. Make available several means such as social media channels, emails, websites and most importantly active telephone number that they can use to get in touch with you.


6. Keep the memory new and worth coming back for

Every time your customers are in your store, always make sure that something new and surprising happens, give them reasons to always keep coming back. Let them be aware of the latest update to your product and it benefits.


7. Let them know how grateful you are

Always express your gratitude to your customers no matter how small what they purchase from you is. You might even go ahead by sending them a thank you message via mobile phone. Customers will see these as nice gestures. They will definitely want to come back to you.



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