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Top nine(9) qualities of successful entrepreneurs

Top nine(9) qualities of successful entrepreneurs


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Published on Wednesday 26th December 2018
Last Updated Saturday 21st March 2020

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One thing is being an entrepreneur, another thing is being successful.

Successful entrepreneurs have some qualities in common that distinguishes them from others. In this post, I will be sharing some of this qualities. They are principled self-developers that are open to any opportunity that comes their way.

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Here are some of the traits of successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Confidence

Successful entrepreneurs do not ask themselves if an investment will be successful or not, they are confident that it will work our well, they are achievers. They know that no matter the outcome of their investments, good or bad, they will surely learn, gain and move on stronger and far better. So if you are willing to be successful in whatever you are doing, you have to conquer your  fear and face your goal. If you let fear guide you, you may not fail but the chance of you progressing is almost zero.

2. Risk Takers

Being a risk taker is a compulsory trait a business owner aspiring to be successful is must have.

Being an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean you have to take every risk, successful entrepreneurs takes risks but before they do, they analyze strategically, which risk is worth taking and which one not. Of course taking risks has its dangerous side but the opportunity it will present later outweighs the potential danger is might seem to pose.

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3. Self-discipline

To excel in anything, you have to be self-disciplined, you need a set a rules that guilds you on what to do and not to do. You need to eliminate every hindrance to your goal to be successful. Successful entrepreneurs have overarching strategies and outlined tactics to tackle every situation that might come their way. There is always a PLAN B.

4. Creative

Successful entrepreneurs are creative; they tend to turn every situation that comes their way into opportunities. They see the waste product of a product as the raw materials of another one. They repurpose market to sell them to new industries.


5. Determination

 Aside being hardworking, a successful entrepreneur must be determined on achieving their desired goals and objectives. They tend to patient and persevere, knowing full well what is to be gained after a successful investment. Even when they fail, they rise up to try again, again and again until they succeed

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6. They act

one thing is having an idea of how to get something done, another thing is actually doing it. Most people have big dreams, but they forgot to wake up and achieve their dream.

Successful entrepreneurs are not just thinkers, they are doers, they do not procrastinate. They do not just talk; they act on their plan because they are aware that talks only delay actions.


7. Great Planners

Successful entrepreneur does not just wake up one day, think and start doing anything without plans. They are excellent planners, for example, a new business owner needs a business plan before they can start any business. You need to strategically think and analyze on the procedures you are taking to achieve your desired objective. What are the risks involved, the benefits, the backup plan. They know vividly that not all risks are worth taking.


8. They ask questions

So many people and businesses fail before the owners refuses to ask questions, not really because, they don’t want to but most likely because they do not know what to ask and how to ask.

To be successful as a business owner, you need to ask your business partners cogent questions, you must read and understand the terms and conditions of the business you are going into. Whatever is not understood must be clearly explained to avoid likely regrets.


9. They help others.

Successful entrepreneurs know the benefit of giving back to the society. Due to the busy schedule of some entrepreneurs, they always have a mindset of being busy thereby neglecting the people that needs their assistance. Successful entrepreneurs know that by helping others is very inspiring and highly beneficial, they know that the people they helped today might be a source them help to them also.



Being a successful entrepreneur is not an overnight task, you have to continuously work on yourself until achieve your aim. You must know that nothing is impossible and nothing is easy to accomplish. As an entrepreneur, you must be ready to fail.

You have to make time to listen to your customer or clients, get feedback on the services you rendered, let them know you care.

Do not forget, you can do it, you are an achiever!

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What makes you a successful entrepreneur, please leave a reply in the comment box below.


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